Monday, January 10, 2011

Dolls, dolls, dolls

Ok... So I knew my daughters really wanted me to make them each a doll for Christmas... What did I do? I waited until the last minute to make them. I have three daughters, so this was no small task. Let's just say I don't do my best work at 2am either. Well, they got their dolls. I did finish them in time for Christmas morning, well almost. The dolls themselves were finished, but they ended up being put under the tree naked! I just ran out of time and energy to make their dresses. The worst part about it all is that I STILL have not made their dresses. My poor girls have been playing with naked dollies the whole time. I really need to get on that. Here are some pics of the little cuties in progress and finished (well, as finished as they are to date). Each doll has a likeness to the daughter who received it (eye color and hair color).


  1. Hi,
    I found you on the Busy Moms of Etsy Forum! I love your dollies!


  2. I'm also on the Busy Moms team. I love your dolls! The same thing happens at my house too. I am always working on my kids project at the last possible moment. It must be part of being a mom.

  3. But they are cute!

    Found you on Handmadeology but I see we're both on Busy Moms Team too! Fun!