Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You BUG Me! Anti-Valentine's Day Treasury (Team Undiscovered Treasury Challenge)

Today I created a new treasury for the Team Undiscovered Wednesday Treasury Challenge. The theme presented to us for our treasuries was Anti-Valentine's Day, so I decided to title my treasury "You BUG Me!" Many of the featured items come from shops that have yet to be discovered, meaning they have very few sales. Be the first to check them out with all of their creepy crawly glory...

The above image is of a soap bar from the shop of FoggyMorningSundries. The link to check out more of her lovely items is:

I also found a really cool light-up spider and many other great items. Come check out the whole treasury at:

Anyone can participate in the Wednesday Treasury Challenge. Just check out the blog post at:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Pouncing Premier at Hug a Bug

Well, here goes nothin'...

I have pounced several times to check out the new creativitiy brewing up on, but I have never made it official by blogging about it for the Team Undiscovered Pounce Tuesdays. Today I am breaking that streak.

First and foremost... If you aren't familiar with the Pounce feature on Etsy's homepage, here is a little description:

On the homepage of, on the left hand side, slightly over midway down the page, there is a Pounce button. If you click on that button, it will allow you to browse new Etsy shops. There are two different settings (new shops and just sold shops). If you select the new shops option, then you will be able to check out shops who have not made their first sale yet. This is where I found today's feature...

I found a cute, little shop today. The shop owner's name is Angela Fitzgerald, and her shop is called Hug a Bug. Not only has Angela not yet made her first sale, but she only opened her shop December 06, 2010, so she is very new to Etsy. There is not even a profile listed yet for her and her shop, so I was able to find out very little about her. I do know, however, that she sells handmade diaper bags that are super adorable! They have a super cute button closure at the top and are made from various vibrant fabrics. The pricing is very affordable, so I encourage you all to go and check her out at:

Here are a two examples of diaper bags that she has listed in her Etsy shop...

I hope you love Hug a Bug as much as I did!

Come Pounce with me again sometime to see what other new shops are out there waiting to be discovered...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dolls, dolls, dolls

Ok... So I knew my daughters really wanted me to make them each a doll for Christmas... What did I do? I waited until the last minute to make them. I have three daughters, so this was no small task. Let's just say I don't do my best work at 2am either. Well, they got their dolls. I did finish them in time for Christmas morning, well almost. The dolls themselves were finished, but they ended up being put under the tree naked! I just ran out of time and energy to make their dresses. The worst part about it all is that I STILL have not made their dresses. My poor girls have been playing with naked dollies the whole time. I really need to get on that. Here are some pics of the little cuties in progress and finished (well, as finished as they are to date). Each doll has a likeness to the daughter who received it (eye color and hair color).