Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Handsewn Dolls Tip

I have been making handmade dolls recently.  I just decided to try it one day.  I use no pattern.  It is all just trial and error, so every one is TRULY different.  The first doll I made was surely a challenge.  After making several, I have determined that it is important to do as much as possible (hair, face, etc...) before actually sewing the doll body together.  On my last one, I actually embroidered the mouth and sewed on the hair and eyes on before sewing the front and back pieces of the doll body together.  It made for a nicer finished product and an easier process.  If anyone else has any other suggestions or tips for rag doll making, please post.  I am interested to read them, and I am sure others are as well.  Happy crafting!!

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